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[LDM #VXR-367622]: ldm segfault


> > Were the two servers also feeding from each other?
> No, they do not feed from each other.

> They are virtually identical -- hardware, version, OS, patch levels,
> etc.  But they are also identical to 2 other servers I have with the
> exception of their data feeds, and those did not have a problem.
> My original thought was that they both got some kind of bad/garbled
> packet since the first problem was simultaneous.  But the second
> instance where they were separated by several hours made that seem
> unlikely.

The several hour separation between the two segfaults does make it unlikely to 
be caused by a particular data-product.

> I suppose they could have bad memory, since they were ordered together
> it would likely have come out of the same lot -- but I haven't done any
> memory tests as yet.
> I can say that according to my monitoring system the statistics on cpu
> load, memory usage, etc were all stable prior to the segfaults.  No
> spikes in memory, no swapping, nothing abnormal.

Do you have the disk space to put the LDM into verbose logging mode?

Is there anything relevant in the LDM log files?

May we log onto the systems in question as the LDM user?

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