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[LDM #OWY-793062]: 6.9.2 still not working


> there must be something in the environment of this one server that it will not
> upgrade LDM .. there was nothing noted in the logs/ldmd.log
> as to why ...
> if need be, I can allow access to this server,
> radar is kinda quiet right now...

That would help.

> -bash-3.2$ bin/ldmadmin stop
> Flushing the LDM product-queue to disk...
> Stopping the LDM server...
> Waiting for the LDM to terminate
> -bash-3.2$ rm runtime
> -bash-3.2$ ln -s ldm-6.9.2 runtime
> -bash-3.2$ ldmadmin start
> The self-consistency of the product-queue couldn't be determined.
> See the logfile for details.
> LDM not started
> -bash-3.2$ ldmadmin delqueue
> -bash-3.2$ ldmadmin mkqueue
> Illegal size "3g"
> Usage: pqcreate [options] <initialsz>[k|m|g] <pqfname>
> pqcreate [options] -s <initialsz>[k|m|g] [-q <pqfname>]
> Options:
> -v
> -c
> -f
> -l logfname
> -S nproducts
> (default pqfname is "/usr/local/ldm/var/queues/ldm.pq")
> make_pq(): mkqueue(1) failed

It looks like the host computer is 32-bit and the LDM 6.9.2 package wasn't 
built with support for large-files (unlike your previous installation).

Please send me the output of the command "uname -a" and the files 
"configure.log" and "config.log".

> Jeff Lake K8JSL
> http://www.MichiganWxSystem.com
> https://www.TheWeatherCenter.net

Steve Emmerson

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: OWY-793062
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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