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[LDM #FUT-767365]: LDM file logging


> I'm looking at  681 and 662

I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean by "681" and "682". Are those line 
numbers? Version identifiers?

> both fails to implement the -l option.
> in both i can "fix" it by adding
> if (length($log_file)) {
> $cmd_line .= " -l $log_file";
> }
> in the "start_ldm"  sub
> if this option is being deprecated, it would be nice have an option to
> change the syslog facility id without having to recompile ldm

The "start" command was never intended to have a "-l" option. The only command 
for which a "-l" option makes sense is the "newlog" command.

Configuring the log file of an LDM system requires that you explicitly set a 
runtime configuration variable. Prior to LDM 6.9, that variable is $log_file in 
the ldmadmin(1) configuration-file (~/etc/ldmadmin-pl.conf). Version 6.9 uses 
the registry parameter "/log/file".

> thanks
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Steve Emmerson

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