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[LDM #TMA-441215]: Beta test 6.9?


> address@hidden logs]# cd /home/ldm/logs
> address@hidden logs]# ls
> dcidft.log  ldmd.log  ldmd.log.1  ldmd.log.2  ldmd.log.3  ldmd.log.4
> ldm-mcidas.log  ldm-mcidas.log.1  ldm-mcidas.log.2  ldm-mcidas.log.3
> ldm-mcidas.log.4  metrics.txt  metrics.txt.1  metrics.txt.2  metrics.txt.3
> metrics.txt.4  ROUTEPP.LOG
> address@hidden logs]# exit
> /home/ldm% cd /home/ldm/bin
> /home/ldm% ls
> ls: unparsable value for LS_COLORS environment variable
> afos@    dds@     feedtest@  hrs@        ids@       ldmcheck*  ldmfail*
> ldmsend*  netcheck*  notifyme*     pps@    pqcat*    pqcopy*    pqexpire*
> pqinsert*  pqsend*  pqutil*  regutil*  scour*     ulogger*
> xml2-config*  xmllint*
> ddplus@  feedme*  hds@       hupsyslog*  ldmadmin*  ldmd*      ldmping*
> log-env*  newlog*    plotMetrics*  pqact*  pqcheck*  pqcreate*  pqing*
> pqmon*     pqsurf*  regex*   rtstats*  syscheck*  wasReceived*
> xmlcatalog*

What about "ls -l $HOME/env.log"?

> (Shrug.)
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Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: TMA-441215
Department: Support LDM
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Status: Closed

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