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[LDM #TMA-441215]: Beta test 6.9?


> > Note that this might not tell you if *your* NOAAPORT system is working if 
> > the product-queue also gets these data-products from the IDD.
> But on my ingest server, it will. :-) And as soon as the noaaport package
> gets upgraded, you better believe LDM 6.9.X is going on it right away,
> with this entry...if not, then done every 5 minutes instead of every 15.
> OK, onto something else.
> ------------------
> If your computer system has the top, netstat, uptime, and vmstat utilities
> installed, and you have configured the ldmadmin configuration-file
> correctly, then you can periodically accumulate LDM performance metrics in
> a file for subsequent display and analysis by executing the addmetrics
> command of the ldmadmin utility from a crontab entry. See Edit the LDM
> user's crontab(1) file.
> Additionally, if your computer system has the gnuplot utility installed,
> then you can plot the LDM performance metrics by executing the plotmetrics
> command of the ldmadmin utility.
> ------------------
> So I went over to my weather3 server and typed:
> ldmadmin plotmetrics
> Oooh, ahhh! Lots of good stuff. How about products received by feed in the
> last hour? Last day? Last week?

That will take a lot more work. Also, you can already get most of that 
information from the on-line rtstats(1) webpages. Consequently, I probably 
won't get to it very soon.

> But...what if I want to see these remotely using an SSH server? Can these
> be dumped to GIFs so I can then download those 8 graphs?

I do things like this all the time:

    ssh address@hidden ldmadmin plotmetrics

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Steve Emmerson

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