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[LDM #TMA-441215]: Beta test 6.9?


> OK, so all future 6.9.X will just follow the soft link into /dev/shm for
> the queues, is that what you are saying.

Yes. All future installations will follow the symbolic link to /dev/shm.

> > Did you configure the "/reconciliation-mode" parameter for automatic
> > re-creations of the product-queue?
> Ummm, no. I haven't gotten to that part nor even heard of it yet.

It's a major feature of this release.

> Now, I use a tcsh shell for the LDM user. I hard-coded in the paths so
> that they would work. They *should* as you had them, but call me
> paranoid. Should I try it without the absolute paths first?

You can check how a crontab(1) entry will work on your system by having the 
entry be something inocuous (e.g., "ldmadmin config").

> Question: If the LDM is running fine, but NOAAPort's SES-1 bird decides to
> shut down and not give me data, BUT Level2 data is working, Profiler data,
> McIDAS data are all working, will it say "hey, NOAAport is down!".


> I'd
> like to see a per-feed check of things, rather than just "LDM crashed".

Interesting idea! I'll see what I can do.

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Steve Emmerson

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