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[LDM #FOR-229341]: Fwd: UTA-files


> As part of a national initiative, we at West Gulf River Forecast Center (NWS) 
> have begun putting
> files on a Southern Region Headquarters LDM server 
> (srh-ls-cprns1.srh,noaa,gov) for Dr. John
> Mcenery at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Also, we have been helping 
> Dr. Mcenery set
> up a LDM server at UTA.  We recently downloaded, built, and installed LDM 
> 6.8.1.  The log files
> from this installation are attached.  We successfully created the product 
> queue and started the
> LDM at that time as well.  However, we have been unsuccessful in capturing 
> products from SRH
> with ldmd, but we can with feedme.  We have since tried many filename 
> patterns, including ones
> that we tested (successfully) on our local LDM.

When you say that you've been unable to "capture" the desired data-products on 
the downstream LDM, what do you mean, exactly? Are the products received but 
not locally processed by the pqact(1) process or are the products not received 
at all?

> I will also forward a message that I received a short while ago that includes 
> the most recent log
> files with the results of our most recent attempts.
> Please ask for any additional information that we might have overlooked.  
> Many thanks in
> advance for whatever assistance you can provide.

Is there any chance that I could log onto Dr. Mcenery's LDM as the LDM user? 
That would make the diagnostic process go much faster.

The following entry in the LDM configuration-file, etc/ldmd.conf,

    REQUEST EXP "/data/ldad/ftp/ups2ldm/*" srh-ls-cpnrs1.srh.noaa.gov

might not be what you want because the substring "/*" means zero or more 
occurrences of the slash character.

The pqact(1) configuration-file contains this

    EXP ^.*gis_text\/([dh][a-z]*)\/([0-9]{10}_[0-9]{10}_st\.txt\.gz)
        FILE    -overwrite -close       /home/b13/Desktop/\1/\2 

I don't see any overlap between the extended regular expression used in the 
REQUEST entry and the one used in the pqact(1) entry. Will the 
product-identifiers of the desired data-products match both?

> Milas Thompson, WGRFC Hydrologist

Steve Emmerson

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