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[LDM #UZO-863208]: Nooaport/ldm issues


> We have been running nooaport ingest software version 1.3.0 and ldm version
> 6.7.0 here at the FAA. We had a dedicated noaaport machine running
> ldm providing data to a downstream ldm server. After a recent
> power outage the nooaport machine failed to come up due to a hardware
> failure (a PCI bridge problem). Repair necessitated replacing the
> mother board. After some issues with the IP configs we were able to
> bring up the noaaport box. The problem is now we cannot get the
> downstream ldms to read data form the noaaport box. I am attaching the
> ldmd.log from the noaaport box. running watch seems to show data
> entering the pq just fine but it is not being read out.
> Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

The LDM log file on the NOAAPORT system has the following:

> Oct 19 02:53:45 ldmsat[4351] NOTE: Starting Up(6.7.0/6): 
> 20101019180636.712 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}, 
> SIG=b7a9d04da9cde5e3ee4783fe1094d2b0, Primary 
> Oct 19 02:53:45 ldmsat[4351] NOTE: topo: 
> {{ANY, (.*)}} 
> Oct 19 02:56:45 ldmsat[4351] ERROR: Couldn't flush 
> connection; nullproc_6() failure to RPC: Unable to receive; 
> errno = Connection reset by peer 
> Oct 19 02:56:45 ldmsat rpc.ldmd[4339] NOTE: child 4351 exited with status 6 

This indicates that the LDM on the NOAAPORT system tried to send data to host but was unable to because that downstream LDM no longer existed.

Are there any corresponding entries in the LDM log file on host 
that would indicate what the problem was?

> Thank You
> Ernest Sessa

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: UZO-863208
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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