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[Support #NFF-684042]: Re: LDM Questions


> The file /var/run/syslogd.pid does exist.
> The LDM utility bin/hupsyslog isn't owned by root.  It's owned by ldm
> and the setuid bit is not set either.
> -rwxrwxr-x 1 ldm ldm   7731 Sep 28 14:08 hupsyslog
> So do I set both or just root?

Sounds like the "make install_setuids" installation step wasn't done.

You'll need to change the ownership of both "bin/hupsyslog" and "bin/rpc.ldmd" 
to "root". You'll also need to set their setuid bit.

The LDM server, bin/rpc.ldmd, needs to be owned by root and setuid in order to 
bind to its well-known port, 388.

> Also the NTP issue is fixed (thanks) but still on startup of the LDM
> script it's trying to talk on TCP ports 111 & 388 to
> I've looked in the scripts under etc but can't seem to find anything
> dealing with this.

The LDM will try port 111, which is registered to the portmapper, if it can't 
bind to its well-known port, 388.

The IP address corresponds to the default destination system for 
LDM statistics reports from the rtstats(1) utility. If you don't want that 
utility reporting back to us, then comment-out its EXEC entry in the LDM 
configuration-file, etc/ldmd.conf.

Steve Emmerson

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