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[LDM #AWQ-643286]: Is there any way to do this with pqact?

Hi Gilbert,

> OK, change of plan. I want these:
> FFS Flash Flood Statement
> FFA Flash Flood Watch
> FLS Flood Statement
> CFW Coastal Flood Statements
> NPW Non Precipitation Statements
> SPS Special Weather Statement
> WSW Winter Weather Watches, Warnings, Advisories
> HLS Hurricane Local Statement
> EWW Extreme Wind Warning
> FFW Flash Flood Warning
> FLW Flood Warning
> FSS Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory
> SVS Severe Weather Statement
> SVR Severe Thunderstorm Warning
> TOR Tornado Warning
> From every WFO to go into a file, every hour. Such as:
> /home/ldm/data/KOUN/20100521_2200.txt
> /home/ldm/data/KBOU/20100521_2200.txt
> /home/ldm/data/KPUB/20100521_2200.txt
> This should be doable. Any chance you can pull a rabbit out of your
> hat and make a pqact entry line?

Are the pieces of information needed to do this part of the
Product IDs currently?  If yes, then doing what you want should
be straightforward, and this really is an exercise for the user
(you) :-)

The pieces of information you need to collect for your investigation
can be gotten with the LDM utility 'notifyme'.  You can construct
a 'notifyme' invocation and log the results into a log file of your
choosing for some reasonable period of time (like one day).  Then
go through the listing to find the pieces of the Product IDs that
are relevant and construct an extended regular expression that matches
all of the pieces needed to accomplish the task you have outlined.
This extended regular expression can be tested by 'notifyme' by
including it in the value for the '-p' flag (pattern) making sure
to escape anything that the shell will try to evaluate on the
command line.  Once you have a regular expression that matches
the set of Product IDs you need, you can fold it into a pattern-action
file action to do the FILEing you want.

If you convince yourself that the information needed to accomplish
the task _is_ available in the Product IDs, and after you have tried
to setup the action yourself but are for some reason unsuccessful,
we will jump in and try to help out.

The other resource you have open to you is participants of the
address@hidden email list.  It is possible that someone
has already done the sort of thing you want to do now.


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