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[Support #SNT-237311]: Re: [ldm-users] question about UDP 111


> I can do that - thanks!
> On another note, I run what are intended to be the main LDM ingest servers
> here at the NWC in Norman, at least for the OU side.  Dr Lauferweiler was
> just educating me on Feedtypes and we go to wondering how we can optimize
> that ingest service.
> The systems (there are two) only request data - there is NOTHING in the
> pqact file.
> Should we request ANY or should we break it out further?

That's up to you and what you want to do.  Requesting ANY will result in about 
10 GB/h of data.  This might be more than you want in terms of bandwidth usage, 
product-queue size (many GB), and physical memory requirements (large enough to 
hold the product-queue in memory with room to spare).

>Is there anything
> that makes idd.unidata.ucar.edu's life easier?

Not really.  Thanks for asking.  :-)

> Again, these systems are dedicated to LDM and do NOTHING but request data
> and make it available to whoever wants it (in the building) so spawning off
> processes that do something to the data isn't a concern.
> Peter

Steve Emmerson

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