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[LDM #YNI-513997]: LDM not working after move to new machine

Hi Rich,

> We moved our raid array and LDM to a new machine yesterday, and now
> LDM is no longer bringing down new files.
> Does the snippet from the ldmd log below give clues to what is wrong?
> Apr 14 11:05:43 gam logger: /etc/rc2.d/S20ldmd: Starting LDM system...
> Apr 14 11:13:32 gam root: ./ldmd: Starting LDM system...
> Apr 14 11:38:47 gam root: ./ldmd: Starting LDM system...
> Apr 14 11:39:24 gam rpc.ldmd[3134] NOTE: Starting Up (version: 6.8.1; built: 
> Feb 12 2010 13:38:51)
> Apr 14 11:39:24 gam rpc.ldmd[3134] ERROR: Couldn't obtain local address 
> 388 for server: Permission denied
> Apr 14 11:39:24 gam rpc.ldmd[3134] NOTE: Using local address
> Apr 14 11:39:24 gam rpc.ldmd[3134] NOTE: local_portmapper_running(): 
> clnttcp_cre
> ate() failure: : RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused

The inability to get port 388 indicates that the LDM installation on the new 
was not finished completely.  The last step in building the LDM is the running
of 'make install_setuids' which is done by 'root' in the 'src' directory
of the LDM distribution you are using.  A ABC of the steps for building
and installing the LDM is:

<as 'root'>
-- create the 'ldm' account on a file system that supports setuid root 
   for executables

<as 'ldm'>
-- download the LDM version you want to use (e.g., ldm-6.8.1) to the ~ldm 
tar xvzf ldm-6.8.1.tar.gz
cd ldm-6.8.1/src
make install
sudo make install_setuids

cd ~ldm

rm -f runtime && ln -s ldm-6.8.1 runtime
ln -s runtime/* .

If you (or whoever installed the LDM) did remember the 'make install_setuids' 
it is most likely that the file system that the LDM is intalled on does not 
for setuid root permissions for executables.  This needs to be changed; or your
LDM installation needs to be moved; or the LDM executables need to be relocated
to a file system that allows setuid root permission.

> Also, do we have to register the new IP number with someone, like the
> upstream providers?

You should inform all of the upstreams that you are feeding from (so
they can ALLOW your machine) and us.

> The new machine is geoport.whoi.edu, IP is
> capecodder:~ rsignell$ nslookup geoport.whoi.edu
> Server:
> Address:
> Non-authoritative answer:
> geoport.whoi.edu        canonical name = gam.whoi.edu.
> Name:   gam.whoi.edu
> Address:

Are you the designated LDM administrator for gam.whoi.edu?  If yes,
we will add you to our site contact list.


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