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[LDM #YPJ-917456]: Slow LDM delivery problem

Hi Brice,

> No, this one is different.  We finally traced that problem to an issue
> with one of the internal network switches.  Somehow the port that faced the
> firewall had its configuration changed to where it was giving 100Mbps
> outbound, but less than 10 inbound.  How/why, don't know, but we got that
> fixed.

Wow!  Excellent sleuthing!!

> But I got new information today.  I donât think itâs a problem with LDM
> at all now.  Other than the LDM on our main interface âserverâ is running
> a lot of data through it.  What SMG had told me was that the transfers of
> the GRIB2 data, fairly large files, were not getting through but very
> slowly.  However, when we attempted to push a 13MB file to the LDAD
> yesterday, SCP could not come up any higher than 40KBps.  Contrasted to
> pushing the entire ldm.pq (1.9GB) to our offsite development workstation
> and getting 9.2MBps transfer rate out of the same 100Mps choke point, i.e.
> the common firewall and router between the systems.
> So I think SMG is barking up the wrong tree and I have told them so.

Very good.

> My apologies for running you guys up the tree.

No worries.  We are happy to hear that the problem's resolution is within
reach (hopefully).

> Iâll let you know if we can
> ever get an answer (preferably by having their network guys work directly
> with our network guysâ at the same time even).

Excellent, thanks!


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