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[LDM #BOA-542231]: Problem writing 0.5 deg GFS to disk

Hi Gerry,

> Quick note: I changed the ldmd.conf request that triggers this to get
> CONDUIT and a product including pgrb2f.  We're also pretty specifically
> requesting RUC2.  This gets the 2 files in for processing we need.  I'm
> still decomposing the individual gribs, but they should also be
> available on the dc-ldm2 ldmd logs...

I am not sure if this means that I should be looking at something...

A quick comment from me:

I notice that you have a couple 'pqact' exec actions in the ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf
file on dc-ldm2 that specify the use of the same pattern-action file for 
feeds.  I recommend that you separate actions pertinent to a specific feed/set
of feeds into its own pattern action file.

For example, I see the following:

exec    "pqact -f IDS|DDPLUS    etc/pqact.conf"

exec    "pqact -f FSL2|FSL3|FSL4        etc/pqact.conf"

These lines will cause two invocations of 'pqact' and _both_ will be forced to
consider actions not specific to the feeds they are told to act on:

- the first will have to compare each product from the IDS|DDPLUS feed against
  every FSL2|FSL3|FSL4 action in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf

- the second will have to compare every product from the FSL2|FSL3|FSL4 feeds
  against every IDS|DDPLUS action in ~ldm/etc/pqact.con

For efficiency sake, I suggest creating a separate pattern-action file
with actions for just the IDS|DDPLUS and a second one with actions just
for the FSL2|FSL3|FSL4 feeds.

The same comment applies to the two currently active 'pqact' exec lines

exec    "pqact -f CONDUIT -p ruc2......pgrb20f  etc/pqact.conduit.conf"

exec    "pqact -vf CONDUIT -p gfs       etc/pqact.conduit.conf"

Another question comes to mind from the observation that you are requesting
CONDUIT with pattern 'gfs' from three different

- are you sure that each of the machines is ingesting the same set of CONDUIT 

If they are not, then you could miss products when your rpc.ldmd connection
changes from secondary to primary or visa versa.


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