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[LDM #BJY-696684]: pqact.conf question

Hi Christina,

> I am not seeing data writing to a directory and I am wondering if my
> pqact.conf file is to blame.
> I do see the data coming in via "ldmadmin watch" so I am fairly certain
> that my ldmd.conf file is set up appropriately.  I also checked that
> ldm has write permissions on the associated directories.
> Here is how the data looks as it comes in:
> Oct 13 15:57:11 notifyme[14305] INFO: 2b51cfdc3397aa60d137533e857fc0d5    
> 55336 20091013155711.553     EXP 000  
> /usr/local/ldm/metstat/spas_lewis_20091013_1555.asc.gz
> and here is how I have my pqact.conf entry set up:
> EXP     ^(metstat)/(spas_lewis)_(........)_(....).asc.gz        FILE    
> -close  data/ldm_data/\2_3_4.asc.gz

The pattern you specify in your action assumes that 'metsat' is at
the beginning of the pattern.  The 'ldmadmin watch' output you
provided shows that '/usr/local/ldm/' is at the beginning.

I suggest you change your action to:

EXP     (metstat)/(spas_lewis)_(........)_(....).asc.gz
     FILE    -close  data/ldm_data/\2_3_4.asc.gz


- all of the whitespaces in the above action are tabs
- always run 'ldmadmin pqactcheck' after modifying/making
  any new additions to a pattern-action file to check for
  gross syntax errors
- you can tell 'pqact' to reread your configuration file
  while the LDM is still running with 'ldmadmin pqactHUP'

> My goal is to get the data to write to:
> /usr/local/ldm/data/ldm_data

The revised action should do the trick.

> Will ldm automatically create directories if they do not exist?

Yes, _if_ the user running the LDM (most typically the user 'ldm')
has write permission in the directory in which the subdirectory(ies)
are to be made.

> Is there anything else I should check?

You can use the LDM utility 'notifyme' to test out patterns in
pattern action files.  Please refer to the 'notifyme' man page
or the 'notifyme' section of the online LDM Users Guide:


for details.

> Thanks

No worries.


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