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[Support #FAF-357704]: LDM Command

Hi Cork,

I must apologize for taking so long to respond to your email.  We had
a couple of fire drills around here this past week that filled up my
inbox to the point that yours got "lost" (overlooked).

> How have you been doing? I am well, just down here in McMurdo getting
> ready for the coming season!

I'm doing well, thanks.  I envy you heading down to McMurdo!

> I was trying to capture what data we had been receiving and I remember
> you had showed us in training a command that would show us all data
> that we had received via LDM, a command other than "ldmadmin watch".
> Could you refresh my memory?

Sure,  The command I undoubtedly was referring to is 'notifyme'.  This
is one of, if the not _the_, most useful of the LDM utilities.  'notifyme'
can be used to see what data you have received in the past 'n' seconds
(up to the limit of how much data is currently in your LDM queue), and
also what data a machine is feeding you has received.

For instance, here is a representative 'notifyme' invocation that lists
all of the data you have received in the past 1 hour (3600 seconds) and
is still in your LDM queue:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vl- -f ANY -o 3600

I you are receiving data from a server named 'upstream.somewhere.net',
you could use 'notifyme' to see what data it has received in the past

notifyme -vl- -f ANY -o 3600 -h upstream.somewhere.net

More information on 'notifyme' can be found in the LDM documentation
on the web:


or through its man page:

man notifyme

> I took a look at the ldmadmin command list and I did not see anything
> that was pertinent.

'ldmadmin watch' can be used to list out products that are currently
being received.  I think that 'notifyme' is much more flexible, so I
recommend that everyone running an LDM become intimately familiar with
its capabilities and invocation syntax.

> Many thanks! I hope everything with you is going well.

No worries, and things are going nicely. 

Again, I apologize for your email getting lost in my inbox for the
past 3 days!!


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