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[LDM #QZR-407100]: Reverse DNS and LDM

Hi John,

> I sure wish I was in Boulder at the workshop today... might even save
> all these nube question._

The workshop went well.  The part that you would have benefited from most
was the part at the end of the formal part of the class where we worked
with individuals on specific questions; their particular installation;

> Sorry.... "leasingisp" was my way of not giving a free plug to
> anyone (especially since this server location is experimental)
> But yes, you got it it is actually: 67-20-79-154.hostmonster.com

OK, I understand now.

re: we need to know if you are trying to set things up to work with
the IDD we manage

> Yes, we would be setting things up with the IDD managed by
> unidata/ucar.


> Our primary upstream had already
> been designated as Texas A&M, (months ago), but do to staffing
> changes and issues on both ends we are just now
> getting to a point where we can begin testing out the setup and
> feeds (haven't even installed the LDM yet)

Another reason it was too bad that you couldn't be here for the
LDM workshop -- Gerry Creager, the LDM/IDD point of contact at
A&M was here for the workshop.

> As a matter of fact I will need to overcome one more obstacle. I
> will need to use a port instead of 388 as it is
> designated at our leasing host for some "other" traffic - what are
> the chances?

Hmm...  Do you mean that your internal setup needs to use a port
other than 388, or do you mean that port 388 access out of your
site is in use already and can not be used at all, or both?

What you can do, is:

- setup your internal distribution network to use a port other than

- have your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST lines specifically request
  data using port 388 on the upstream machine

I would guess that you could access external machines on their
port 388 (the standard for machines participating in the IDD)
without problem.  The port used by the requesting LDM would be
some random port number that is > 1024.

> We can use ANY non-standard port above 1024 ..... so that will be
> hurdle number two now that it seems the
> forward and reverse DNS issue is cleared up.

Unless I am mistaken, I think you should be able to accomplish what
you want.  Your ldmd.conf REQUEST line(s) would look something like:

REQUEST   <FEED>   <pattern>  bigbird.tamu.edu:388

You would have to edit your ~ldm/etc/ldmadmin-pl.conf file and set
$port to something other than 388.  Each machine in your internal
distribution network (the machines running the LDM and ingesting
from this "gateway" machine) would also need to have their
ldmadmin-pl.conf file modified to use the same port.

> Thanks Again,

No worries.


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