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[Support #VOC-356419]: latency


> I've attached a Word document with a latency graph that concerns me.  I
> wonder if you can offer some advice about what I'm seeing.  I've also
> included the URL of the graph.  This is the latency for EXP data on our
> LDM-11.  Most of the activity is normal but there is one line that stands
> out for its wild peaks.  The collective peak around 16/13 is due to
> rebooting the server and restarting LDM.  Everything else though looks
> normal except for that one line.  Any advice you can offer would be
> appreciated.

I looked at 
it was a little hard to see, but it looked like the data was coming from 
"sdstate".  So I looked at the EXP latency at 
 and, sure enough, your errant graph is there.  The data appears to be coming 
from host "wnnh002", which doesn't appear to be reporting statistics.

To see what the products are, I suggest running a pqcat(1) with printing of the 
originating host for data-products of type EXP and piping the standard error to 
a grep(1) for "wnnh002".  For example, in a standard shell (e.g., sh(1), 
bash(1)) you would do this

    pqcat -vl- -f NEXRAD2 -O 3>&1 >/dev/null 2>&3 | grep wnnh002

> Thanks,
> Michael
> address@hidden
> National Weather Service
> Central Region Headquarters

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: VOC-356419
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