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[LDM #YQC-638250]: pqcreate seg faulting


> I'm trying to install LDM version 6.7.1 (version 6.7.0 installed fine and is 
> working) and I keep getting a seg fault when running:
> ldmadmin mkqueue -f".
> ldmadmin is actually calling pqcreate which is where the seg fault occurs.  
> pqcreate command is:
> pqcreate -v -f -q /apps/rfc/precipradar/ldm-6.7.1/data/ldm.pq -s 500M
> By adding printf statements to the pq.c code, the failure occurs in routine 
> ctl_rel at the line:
> status = (pq->mtof)(pq, pq->ixo, rflags|RGN_NOLOCK);

Wow!  That code should be rock-solid.

> The software is running on Linux 2.6.18-128.1.1.e15 on Intel hardware.  The 
> only compiler options I use are:
> CFLAGS='O3'   (oh not zero)
> I'm assuming this is a compiler flags issue.  Has this been seen and can you 
> help?  Thanks

It could be a compiler issue.  I'd like to see if the problem disappears if the 
module in which the problem occurs is compiled with less aggressive 
optimization.  Since you appear to be comfortable in a development environment, 
would you please recompile the pq.c module --- only this time use the compiler 
option "-O1".  Then do the following in the top-level source-directory:

    rm libldm.a pqcreate/pqcreate
    pqcreate/pqcreate -v -f -q /apps/rfc/precipradar/ldm-6.7.1/data/ldm.pq -s 

Let me know what happens.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: YQC-638250
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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