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[LDM #UHC-293816]: EOF on socket 1 - what does this mean?


> I've tracked it down, but I still don't know if I should ignore the errors.
> There's a cron job that checks ldm's status every 5 minutes, so if the
> status is bad, we can kill it and restart it.  Part of how it checks the
> status is to do an ldmping.  This is what generates the error, but it
> looks like ldmping's working.  Here's the ldmping command and output:
> ldmping -i 0 localhost
> Apr 20 21:00:07 INFO:      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           
> rpc_stat
> Apr 20 21:00:07 INFO: Resolving localhost to took 0.000191 seconds
> Apr 20 21:00:07 INFO: RESPONDING   0.000737  388   localhost

The ldmping(1) program only tries to connect to the LDM server.  If it 
succeeds, then it immediately closes the connection, so the LDM server never 
has a chance to determine what the other process wanted.

Consequently, you may safely ignore these informational messages.

> We run this same cron job on about 20 other servers, running earlier versions
> of ldm, and don't get this behavior.

I added those messages some time ago.  They probably didn't show up until you 
updated the LDM.

Steve Emmerson

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