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[LDM #LXP-916564]: ldmping


> We're still experiencing the ldmping problem.  We've recently tried a number 
> of things to fix it so I'd like to bring you up to date and then ask your 
> advice as to how to proceed.
> About 2:00 this afternoon we completely rebuilt ldm-12.crh.noaa.gov from the 
> Red Hat site.  Everything with the rebuild went well.  We're on the latest 
> software.  We also loaded ldm 6.7.0.  We followed the directions on the "load 
> ldm" website.  The "configure" and "make" steps all went well.  LDM is 
> running on ldm-12 and we're receiving data.
> Ldmping localhost fails.  Ldmping fails.  We get the same result 
> when we ldmping ldm-12 from another server.
> address@hidden ldm]$ ldmping localhost
> Apr 16 20:02:47 INFO:      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           
> rpc_stat
> Apr 16 20:02:47 INFO: Resolving localhost to took 0.000331 seconds
> Apr 16 20:02:47 ERROR: SVC_UNAVAIL   0.000863    0   localhost    RPC: 
> Program not registered
> Apr 16 20:03:12 ERROR: SVC_UNAVAIL   0.000078    0   localhost    RPC: 
> Program not registered
> address@hidden ldm]$ ldmping
> Apr 16 20:03:31 INFO:      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           
> rpc_stat
> Apr 16 20:03:31 ERROR: SVC_UNAVAIL   0.000338    0    RPC: 
> Program not registered
> Apr 16 20:03:56 ERROR: SVC_UNAVAIL   0.000117    0    RPC: 
> Program not registered
> address@hidden ldm]$
> We believe this happened sometime last Saturday.  Last Wednesday we loaded 
> the latest patches for Red Hat.  Both ldm-11 and ldm-12 ran fine until 
> Saturday.  Then we started getting disconnects and connection denials.  We 
> believe nothing has changed on the network.  Last Monday I changed the port 
> from 388 to 1388 on both ldm-11 and another ldm server and I was able to 
> ldmping localhost and ldmping ldm-11 from the other server.  I changed the 
> port back to 388 and the problem returned.  Any suggestions you might have 
> would be greatly appreciated.

Did you execute the command "install setuids" as part of the installation 
process and did it succeed?

Who is the owner of the LDM program (bin/rpc.ldmd) and is the set-uid bit 
enabled for that file?

If the owner of the LDM program is "root" and the set-uid bit is enabled, will 
the O/S honor those settings or is the program on a disk for which the O/S 
ignores those settings?

> Thanks,
> Michael Johnson
> NWS-CRH, Kansas City

Steve Emmerson

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