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[LDM #LXP-916564]: ldmping


> Could this be a portmap issue?  I changed the port in ldmadmin-pl.conf to 
> 1388 and did the same on another server.  I could then ldmping the ldm server 
> with no trouble.  Of course the ldm server wasn't receiving any data because 
> nothing else was talking to 1388 so I couldn't rule out too much data for the 
> system to handle as being the problem.  When I changed the port back to 388 
> however, I used a stripped-down ldmd.conf file that had no processes listed 
> in it.  I still had a problem ldmping'ing ldm-11 on 388.  It seems that 388 
> is getting too busy to handle all of the requests.  I wonder if there are a 
> number of ldmd.conf files with too many data requests which ends up flooding 
> port 388?

It shouldn't be a portmapper problem.

Try putting the LDM server into verbose logging mode by sending
it a SIGHUP (e.g., kill -HUP `cat ldmd.pid`).  Then try ldmping(1)ing
it.  The server should log all connection attempts.  To put the server
back into normal logging mode, send it *two* more SIGHUP-s.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: LXP-916564
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
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