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[LDM #WDB-706909]: Restarting LDM

Hi Martha,

> I have added the ldmadmin pqactHUP to the script which runs ldmadmin
> scour. And I don't think the issue is the ldmd.log; I am using "ldmadmin
> newlog" once per day  to handle that.

I agree that it is unlikely that your rotation of the LDM log files is
related to the problems you are seeing.

> I will check the pqact files for "-close" with the FILE directives.

In my opinion, this is the most likely place for the problem.

> The issue may be that I am going overkill on the deletions. As Tom knows
> we have recently increased greatly the amount of data we are collecting,
> both via our in-house noaaport ingestor and from several types of
> CONDUIT data.  One problem I have had involved BUFR files, as we were
> suddenly generating so many that xcdscour was failing because of the
> LINUX OS being unable to handle the large number of files with the "rm"
> command.    I ended up running xcdscour for BUFR files every three
> hours, which may be too much.  I have cut it back to every 6 hours
> to try to fix the other issue with phantom disk space.

I don't think that the scouring of BUFR or GRIB/GRIB2 files is the cause
of your problem.  Or, at least, not for those being processed into
the MySQL database for McIDAS use.  The reason I say this is that none
of these files are held open for writing.  The problem you are seeing is
most likely being caused by the deletion of a file that is open for
writing.  In short, we've been there and done that, so we are in tune
with the situation :-).

> Also, the GRInnnnn files were being deleted in two different places. I
> have corrected this to 1 script, using qrtmdg.k GRID 50001 64000

Did you write another script to delete the GRIDnnnn files?  This is one
of the things that mcscour.sh was written to do.

> I know we have had issues also because of our mixed mode
> installation (basically UNIDATA but with SSEC artifacts) so is it still
> okay to use both mcscour.sh and ldmadmin scour?

I _strongly_ recommend that the LDM scouring utility ('scour' which can be
run as 'ldmadmin scour' and is configured through ~ldm/etc/scour.conf) _not_
scour the directories that are populated with McIDAS decoding output.  Given
this, I recommend again that you review the contents of your 'scour' 
(again, ~ldm/etc/scour.conf) and comment out the entries that scour directories
that are handled by mcscour.sh and xcdscour.


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