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[LDM #FVH-610126]: Re: Exited with status 127

Hi Scott,

> You guys must be busy!  :-)

Yes, but that is not the reason for our silence.  After seeing your email
this morning, I traced through the inquiries we got since March 18th.  I
see that your original email was received by our mail system and apparently
forwarded to our inquiry tracking system, but I can not find it there.


- did you receive notification that your original email was received and
  that someone would look into it?

- did you receive the same kind of notification for this mornings resubmission?

I am at a loss for what happened to your original inquiry!

> Any suggestions on this? Thanks for all you do!

> I just finished install LDM and GEMPAK on a new server (first time for
> me).  I keep getting the message "exited with status 127" in my ldmd.log
> file.  I've done some searches on your site, but I still can't figure out
> what's going on.  Here's what I have done ...

These messages are typically an indication of one or more decoders exiting

The LDM site has a page that describes at a high level how to interpret
error messages seen in the LDM log file:

Unidata HomePage


  ->LDM 6.7.0 home page

    ->LDM Reference

The LDM Logfile
  Format and interpretation

> * Compiled and installed GEMPAK (finally with out errors ... WAHOO!)
> * Ran $NAWIPS/ldm/etc/gen_pqact.cs
> * Moved to ~ldm/etc/
> * Modified ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf and added  EXEC "pqact etc/pqact.gempak"
> * Ran "ldmadmin pqactcheck" and syntax comes back OK
> * I also verified ldm and gempak can read/write to data/* and logs/* and

Did you also do the following:

- copy the GEMPAK decoders to a directory in the PATH of the user 'ldm'

- "source" the appropriate Gemenviron file in the shell-specific configuration
  file for the user 'ldm':

  non-Conforming shells (e.g., csh, tcsh, etc.)
  source /home/gempak/NAWIPS/Gemenviron

  Conforming shells (e.g., sh, bash, etc.)


  . /home/gempak/NAWIPS/Gemenviron.profile

> I have attached a chunck of the ldmd.log log file.

The 'exited with status 127' messages included in your
first email (I found the original, but not in our inquiry
tracking system) indicates a problem with each GEMPAK decoder
invocation.  I strongly suspect, therefore, that the failures
are being caused by one or both of the above possibilities.


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