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[LDM #QVD-949451]: RE: Problems launching LDM


> Thanks for your quick reply.  I didn't have root set as the owner for 
> rpc.ldmd.

If the "make setuids" step had been executed during the installation
process, then the LDM program, rpc.ldmd, would have been owned by root.
Because that step wasn't done, it's possible that other steps also 
weren't done.  You might review the installation steps at
if I can't solve your problem immediatesly.

>  Adding this all eliminated the error regarding the port permissions, but 
> rpc.ldmd still throws a "remote system error" and nothing seems to happen.  
> This error seems to be associated with a portmapper, but I thought if LDM is 
> able to run on a privileged port (388), than a portmapper isn't required.
> Running netstat shows that the upstream connection is never established, it 
> just maintains the SYN_SENT state.  According to the people at MADIS, we 
> should have upstream access to their LDM servers.

A good way to test access to an upstream LDM is to use the notifyme(1)
utility.  For example,

    notifyme -vl- -f FSL3 -h eldm.fsl.noaa.gov -o 3600

This will test if you can receive any FSL3 data from eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
and if such data exists for the past hour.

> Here is the file listing for rpc.ldmd:
> ---
> address@hidden ~/bin $ ls -la rpc.*
> -rwsr-sr-x 1 root root 205060 Nov 14 13:43 rpc.ldmd
> ---
> Here is the new debug output from rpc.ldmd:
> ---
> address@hidden ~/bin $ $LDMHOME/bin/rpc.ldmd -vl - -q $LDMHOME/data/ldm.pq 
> $LDMHOME/etc/ldmd.conf
> Mar 17 13:00:30 rpc.ldmd[27946] NOTE: Starting Up (version: 6.7.0; built: Nov 
> 14 2008 13:41:57)
> Mar 17 13:00:30 rpc.ldmd[27946] NOTE: Using local address
> Mar 17 13:00:30 rpc.ldmd[27946] INFO: Resolving dmitweb to took 
> 0000323 seconds
> Mar 17 13:00:30 rpc.ldmd[27946] NOTE: local_portmapper_running(): 
> clnttcp_create() failure: : RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused
> Mar 17 13:00:30 rpc.ldmd[27946] INFO: Portmapper daemon is not running on 
> local host

The above portmapper-related messages aren't errors: they just indicate
that the LDM couldn't register itself with the portmapper on the system on
which it's running.  Because the LDM will be listening on its assigned
port (388) such registration isn't strictly necessary.

> Mar 17 13:00:30 eldm.fsl.noaa.gov[27948] NOTE: Starting Up(6.7.0): 
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov:388 20090317120030.521 TS_ENDT {{FSL3,  
> "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.(mesonet1)"}}
> Mar 17 13:00:30 eldm.fsl.noaa.gov[27948] NOTE: Previous product-information 
> file ".cde7f519d6ac4290d90f1230f2fac414.info" doesn't exist
> Mar 17 13:00:30 eldm.fsl.noaa.gov[27948] NOTE: LDM-6 desired product-class: 
> 20090317120030.522 TS_ENDT {{FSL3,  
> "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.(mesonet1)"}}
> Mar 17 13:00:30 eldm.fsl.noaa.gov[27948] INFO: Resolving eldm.fsl.noaa.gov to 
> took 0.001764 seconds

The above messages indicate the startup of a downstream LDM and they look
OK.  Were there any subsequent messages from process 27948 that indicate
a problem?

Steve Emmerson

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