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[LDM #AJF-540541]: Questions about ldmd.conf feedset and ALLOW restrictions

Hi Karl,

I believe that Jeff Weber answered the questions below separately, but I want
to make sure that you got the information you need...

> From the ldmd.conf instructions I have:
> # Give permission to downstream LDM-s to request data-products from your LDM.
> #
> # ALLOW <feedset> <hostname pattern> [<OK pattern> [<not pattern>]]
> #
> # where:
> #       <feedset>               is the set of feedtypes for this entry
> #       <hostname pattern>      is an extended regular-expression that 
> specifies
> #                               which hosts are allowed to receive 
> data-products
> #                               whose feedtype is in <feedset>.
> #       <OK pattern>            is an optional extended regular-expression 
> that
> #                               a product-identifier must match in order to be
> #                               sent to the requesting LDM.  The default value
> #                               is ".*".
> #       <not pattern>           is an optional extended regular-expression 
> that
> #                               a product-identifier must NOT match in order 
> to
> #                               be sent to the requesting LDM.  If this field 
> is
> #                               empty, then such matching will be disabled for
> #                               this entry.
> #
> Since we ALLOW ANY to unidata my questions are:
> Can I create my own "feedset" for example VIP?

No.  <feedset> in this documentation means the feed or set of feeds
that are ALLOWED.  The feed names supported by the LDM are detailed

LDM Feedtypes of the Current Release

ANY refers to the union of all existing feedtypes.

> It isn't immediately obvious to
> me if the LDM set up has a list of accepted feedset's that I need to use.

It is.  The online LDM reference material has more on this topic.  Please
refer to the LDM Users Guide in:

LDM HomePage

->LDM 6.7.0 home page

  ->LDM Reference

> 2nd, If I restrict an ALLOW to a set of hosts, once Unidata has it, will those
> restrictions still apply?

No.  The restrictions must be set on each machine.

> #For example in ldmd.conf I have:
> ALLOW   ANY     ^[a-z].*\.unidata\.ucar\.edu\.?$        .*
> # Therefore all feeds go to Unidata.
> # Thus if I put:
> # Allow Russian Hydrometerological Ctr. and other VIPs
> ALLOW VIP ^[a-z].*mecom.ru$   .*
> Will mecom.ru be the only domain that can get the VIP feed once that feed
> is "gobbled up" by the ANY feed to Unidata?



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