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[LDM #ILT-461435]: No LDM access after hardware change


> I'm having a problem here that doesn't make much sense to me. I have 2
> LDMs set up at different locations (both reside behind respective
> firewalls). Data transfer between the two worked as expected until I
> recently upgraded the hardware running one of the LDMs. I copied the
> ldmd.conf and pqact.conf files over to the new machine and assigned the
> same fixed IP address to the new machine. I installed and configured the
> latest version of the LDM on the new machine, started it up, and it
> works as expected.
> The problem is I restarted the LDM on the second machine and it receives
> no data! I examined the log and found many, many entries to the effect of:
> Feb 20 22:20:26 bou[8536] ERROR: Disconnecting due to LDM
> failure; Couldn't connect to LDM on using either port 388
> or portmapper; : RPC Remote system error - No route to host
> I issue an "ldmping" command and receive the following
> response:
> Feb 20 22:24:13 ERROR   NAMED     12.058268   0   can't
> contact portmapper: RPC: Timed out
> What's going on here and how do I get data to the second machine?

The error messages mean that the one machine can't reach the other
for some reason.  It could be that it can't translate the hostname
to an IP address, or that something (e.g., iptables) is not allowing 
packets through.  I suspect that the one system can't even ping(1)
the other.

Do you have a system or network administrator who could help?

> Many thanks,
> Evan

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: ILT-461435
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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