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[LDM #QTX-639939]: GPS bufr format data


> The notifyme -vl- -h <upstream_host> -f HRS -p '^ISXT40 KBOU ......' and
> notifyme -vl- -f HRS -p '^ISXT40 KBOU ......' get exactly the same results 
> ... no responses at all.

The fact that the notifyme(1) to the upstream LDM produced no
output indicates that the upstream LDM did not receive any
data-products of the desired type while the command was executing.
This could be because the upstream LDM isn't requesting those
data-products or because no data-products of that type were
transmitted during the time-interval of the command.

The fact that the notifyme(1) to the local LDM produced no output
is to be expected because the upstream LDM didn't receive the desired
data products.

> But:
> address@hidden ~]$ notifyme -vxl- -f HDS -o 1000000 -p "^(ISXT40) (KBOU) 
> (..)(..)(..)" returns
> Nov 12 17:36:09 notifyme[21975] NOTE: Starting Up: localhost: 
> 20081101034929.320 TS_ENDT {{HDS,  "^(ISXT40) (KBOU) (..)(..)(..)"}}
> Nov 12 17:36:09 notifyme[21975] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 
> 20081101034929.320 TS_ENDT {{HDS,  "^(ISXT40) (KBOU) (..)(..)(..)"}}
> Nov 12 17:36:09 notifyme[21975] INFO: Resolving localhost to took 
> 0.000785 seconds
> Nov 12 17:36:09 DEBUG: NOTIFYME(localhost) returns OK
> Nov 12 17:36:09 notifyme[21975] NOTE: NOTIFYME(localhost): OK
> Nov 12 17:36:38 notifyme[21975] INFO: fce931571908265e9f6dc92a9df4db46     
> 8448 20081107105059.403     HDS 114563645  ISXT40 KBOU 070945

The fact that a notifyme(1) to the local LDM with a time-offset
of 1000000 seconds produced some output merely indicates that
there are very old data products of the desired type in the local

> The ldmadmin watch command also provided no returns in the 20 to 25 mins I 
> left it running.

The fact that the "ldmadmin watch" command produced no output
is to be expected: it is consistent with the first two notifyme(1)s
to the upstream LDM and the local LDM.

Would you please re-execute the same three commands (not the
time-offset notifyme(1)) -- in separate windows -- and leave
them running all day (or until you are certain that a data-product
of the desired type should have been received by the upstream

Please let me know what you find.

> --
> Elmer Tipton
> Computer Analyst
> WWB Room 505
> NSOF Room 1872
> Software Maintenance Northrop Grumman IT
> WWB - (301)763-8284 x170
> NSOF - (301)817-3860

Steve Emmerson

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