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[LDM #QTX-639939]: GPS bufr format data


> The transposition was only in what I typed in the email, the actual
> ldmd.conf and pqact.conf entries agree with each other.  Here are exact
> cut/pastes:
> HRS     ^(ISXT40) (KBOU) (..)(..)(..)
> FILE    /home/ldm/data/bufr/\1_/\2_(3:yyyy) (\3:mm)\3.\4\5
> request HRS "^ISXT(*)" (if you make the entry just ISXT40
> LDM will not restart)

The extended regular expression in the REQUEST entry is invalid.  The
substring "(*" means zero or more occurrences of the metacharacter "(",
which is not escaped by a backslash -- rendering the ERE invalid.

You indicated that the LDM will not restart if the REQUEST entry is


This indicates a serious problem with the LDM.  What are the relevant
LDM log file entries?

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: QTX-639939
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