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[LDM #ZMC-587082]: LDM running but no data stored

Hi Colin,

> I did a test and I can (as ldm) write a file into
> /home/colin/radar/level_II or any of the K*** subdirectories.  For
> example as ldm I was able to copy ldmd.conf into
> /home/colin/radar/level_II/KMOB, so I believe the permissions should be OK.

Very good.  We needed to make sure that we could rule out the obvious :-)

> I am not sure that I could see the spaces on the first uncommented
> NEXRD2 entry (at least using vi),

Here is how to do it using 'vi':

<as 'ldm'>
vi etc/pqact.conf
-- move your insertion cursor down to the beginning of the first uncommented 
   for a NEXRD2 action
-- search for a space by hitting the '/' key and entering a space

This is exactly how I found out that there are (were) two spaces at the end of 
the line:

NEXRD2  ^L2-BZIP2/(KTLH)    FILE    -overwrite  -close  

Just so you know, the spaces shouldn't have made a difference; I just wanted to 
make sure.

> but to be sure I deleted everything
> after the last character and saved it, then used the pqactcheck and
> pqactHUP commands.  The pqactcheck found the file to be syntactically
> correct.

Very good.

> However, still no saving.

Not so good...

> I checked the log file under /home/ldm/logs/ldmd.log and it is empty. 

OK.  The first thing we need to do is get LDM logging working on your


- who owns the ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file
- what OS are you using

The steps involved in getting LDM logging working are performed by 'root'.  The 
are described in:

Unidata HomePage

  Unidata LDM

    LDM 6.7.0 home page                   <- NB: the steps are the same for any 
LDM version

      LDM Reference

        LDM Preinstallation Steps

After LDM logging is working, we will be able to better see why your NEXRD2 
FILE actions
are not working.


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