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[LDM #UEA-117531]: LDM data feed type recycle request

Hi Wilson,

I apologize for not sending this note earlier.  The RPCCDS Tech refresh
announcement we received a couple of days ago reminded me that I should
touch base with you again...

> We were trying to resolve WSI's concern that we use the same feed type
> as they do,

We understood that.

> but as you had pointed out below the feed name is somewhat
> irrelevant.  Therefore, We will use FT27 NNEXRAD to distribute our
> data.

Excellent!  Just so you know: in the latest LDM release, LDM-6.7.0, the
FT27 feed type's primary name has been changed from NNEXRAD to NEXRAD3.
NNEXRAD continues and will continue to be a viable alias for the feed so
sites with LDM versions prior to 6.7.0 will experience NO impacts.

The RPCCDS Tech refresh announcement includes the following:

 "The NWSTG has concluded testing with our internal customers and is ready 
  to test with our external customers on a first come, first serve basis.  
  We need the following information from you:

  1) Your IP address(es) from where you will be connecting to our LDM 
     servers.  Our networking team will work with you on the transition.
  2) Since the current T1 line can not support both the multicast and the 
     LDM data feed at the same time, please let us know whether you will be 
     using the same T1 for the new data, this will require setting up a 
     testing scheme."


- Who can be an "external customer" for this data?

I ask because I believe that the Unidata community is likely to want the full
set of RPCCDS products.
> If problems occur we will ask you for help again.

Very good.


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