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[LDM #PPR-218876]: ldm.pq file updating


> I did check our system but nothing in cron matches the time intervals
> that this is updating at. If there is insufficent memory for the LDM
> queue to be fully memory mapped how would that behavior show itself? On
> our production super computer we run two cases of LDM on two different
> nodes, both are showing the behavior where the ldm.pq file is updating
> every several minutes. But our backup supercomputer which also running
> two LDMs, both ingesting the same amount of data as production, only
> shows an updated time stamp with the last restart. The production super
> computer is running several other processes which may constrain memory,
> I'm wondering if that would cause ldm.pq to update.

I'm an idiot!  I somehow through you were talking about the pqact(1)
configuration-file, pqact.conf.

The LDM product-queue file, ldm.pq, should be updated every time a
new data-product arrives.  The surprise in your case isn't that
it gets updated, but that it occurs so infrequently (on average,
40 data-products are generated on the IDD every second).  I suspect
that either the operating system is buffering updates to the 
product-queue or that you're receiving a small subset (in terms
of the number of products) from the IDD.

> Justin Cooke

Steve Emmerson

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