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[LDM #MAC-518090]: ldm on aix5.3?


> i did not create the ldm account ... my company is very strict about
> creating users only through IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM)  and i'm
> just trying to see, as a 'proof of concept', if ldm will compile and
> install on aix5.3 before getting the go-ahead from IT bureaucracy ... is
> the ldm user an absolute requirement? since this is a dev box, i might
> be able to get away with creating the user.

Having an LDM user isn't a necessity (I don't use one for developing
the LDM).  It does, however, make things easier.

> nor have i edited the conf files for the same reasons above
> getconf(1) does exist:
> gisdev03[root] $ which getconf
> /usr/bin/getconf

Having getconf(1) on a system that doesn't use the native compiler
is a bad thing because getconf(1) will probably return inappropriate
compiler options.  We'll probably have to set the compiler options

> perl is installed, but i think (from the output of perl -V, attached)
> that it's a perl that was compiled by IBM's cc and not gcc ... could
> this be part of the problem?

The LDM system doesn't care how perl(1) was built.

> just ran the following commands per your suggestions:
> 762     make distclean
> 765     export CFLAGS='-O'
> 766     echo $CFLAGS
> 775     ./configure |tee -a config_kv.log
> 776     make |tee -a make_kv.log

Unfortunately, the "configure" and "make" commands you executed didn't
redirect the standard error stream to the same log file as the standard
output stream -- so, I couldn't see any error messages.  The URL
has shell-dependent instructions on how to do such redirection.

I suggest you execute my last set of instructions again with the
redirections in place.

> the files are attached
> i really,really appreciate your help on this
> i have to eat something and then attend a couple of meetings, so i wont
> be near email for a couple of hours

That's the beauty of email.  :-)

> thanks again
> --kassim
Steve Emmerson

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