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[LDM #MAC-518090]: ldm on aix5.3?


> the only log files i found (by running ' find . -name "*.log" -print ')
> are
> ./rpc/config.log
> ./config.log

Odd.  Are you following the instructions at

> which are attached
> also attached is the file i neglected to send in my original email
> as far as i can tell, the only compiler on this box is gcc:

Hmm...  Does the utility getconf(1) exist?  It's used by the "configure"
script to obtain compilation and linking options.

> gisdev03[root] $ which cc
> which: 0652-141 There is no cc in /usr/app/sde/sdeexe92d1/bin
> /usr/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /etc
> /usr/sbin /usr/ucb //bin /usr/bin/X11 /sbin ..

Your file "ldm-woes.txt" is the file "make.log" in the instructions.

It appears from that file that you're not executing the command
"make distclean" between attempts to build the package.  You should
execute that command whenever you change options to the "configure"
script (e.g., by using a different value for the CFLAGS environment

I suggest the following:
    1) Execute the command "make distclean".
    2) Set the CFLAGS variable to "-O".
    3) Execute the "configure" script.  If an error occurs, then
       stop and send me the file "configure.log".
    4) Execute the command "make".  Send me the file "make.log".

> thanks again
> --k

Steve Emmerson

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