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[LDM #TMK-479992]: Monotonic clock confusion


> > The installation instructions say  that the host machine should have a 
> > monotonic clock
> > accurate to within 1 ms. To achieve this, the instructions suggest using 
> > ntpd
> >-- which seems like a contradiction because ntpd itself sets the clock back.
> ntpd will adjust the clock.  This can be either setting the clock back or 
> forward.

Just to clarify, when used as intended ntpd(8) adjusts the clock slew rather
than the clock time.  The slew is the first-order derivative with respect to
time of the clock's time: it's the rate at which clock-time passes.  Ideally,
this value should be one; in reality, however, all clocks have values that are
close to, but not exactly, one.  By adjusting the slew, ntpd(8) guarantees
that clock-time will be monotonic.

Having said that, we've seen cases where the slew anomally of a system clock
was so bad (e.g., 10 seconds per hour) that ntpd(8) had no choice but to 
reset the clock -- causing a 0th order discontinuity in time.

I agree with Tom.  Your setup will work.  You might, however, have to
adjust your clock-setting parameters (e.g., how often the clock is reset)
depending on the rate of reconnections.

Steve Emmerson

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