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[LDM #LJY-425624]: NEXRAD Level II Feed


> Unfortunately I do not have the sizes of the individual radial files
> saved.

If the different-sized files could be displayed, then that might
reveal if the discrepancy is a real problem or merely an artifact.

> Can we put this on the back burner until I get the Boulder server
> upgraded to RH5 next week?  Even though I have seen this problem for
> some time, it would make better sense to make sure both servers are at
> the same level just to be sure.
> Has anyone from the NWS worked with Unidata to tune LDM for the local
> radar site and the top tear sites?

We've had some interaction, but in terms of working "to tune LDM
for the local radar site and the top tear sites", I'd have to say
"no".  As best I can recall, the following has occurred:

We helped Karen Cooper during the initial NWS testing of the LDM.
This was after the previous work by OU based on LDM 5.

We provided advice on the design of a Level-II data-product.  Our
recommendation regarding the size of the data-product was not

We commented on the pretty-much final architecture of the Level-II

I conducted LDM training workshops at NWS headquarters and at the
regional headquarters.  I looked over their LDM configuration-files
somewhat, but did not rigorously vet them.

We've answered sporadic questions from NWS regarding the LDM and
Level-II transmission. (We actually have a "Level-II" folder in our
support-system for such.)

We've not yet had the opportunity to comment on the planned upgrade
of the Level-II data-products or transmission network.  We were
invited to participate in a conference-call about a month ago, but
the invitation arrived too late to act upon.

The above are my recollections only.  Others may (should, and probably
do) differ.

Steve Emmerson

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