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[LDM #UAK-912261]: data flow problems


> So even though the file arrived in the queue on pluto after the KFDR
> ones, it was not sent on because the time of creation was from earlier?

That's correct.

> I can't even fathom how a product with a date/time of 205256 in the file
> name which should indicate the start of the volume would be inserted
> into the queue at 203608?  That means it was inserted roughly 15 minutes
> before the file was named???  I can't access those machines so I can't
> even guess what is going on with the times there.

I suspect a bad system clock.  I know that the radar sites do have
more than one clock.  Perhaps the good clock is used for the filename
and the bad system clock is used for the data-product creation-time.

> Also,  On other occasions when I have restarted on pluto, it has take up
> to 30 minutes for the KTLX data to start flowing.  Do you think it could
> be because of time issues also?

It's quite likely that clock problems are the cause of data-product
"gaps".  Running old versions of the LDM can also contribute.

> This time it was only 1 file, but
> usually it's ~8 or so... of course depending on VCP at the radar they
> send files more frequently, but if it is still a time problem...
> I'm going to be so miffed if this is all time related... time on the
> upstream box, and the timeout in the notifyme...  On the other hand, I
> will be very relieved if we can point to it and actually solve it.

Steve Emmerson

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