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[IDD #RDQ-217349]: IDD/LDM startup problem, no data, no log


> Here you go:
> bash-2.03$ who am i
> ldm        pts/2        Apr 28 18:19    (metsupport)
> bash-2.03$ pwd
> /export/caymus2r/ldm
> bash-2.03$ fgrep LOG_LDM $HOME/src/config.status
> s,@LOG_LDM@,|#_!!_#|local1,g
> s,^\([   #]*\)[^         ]*\([   ]*LOG_LDM\)[    (].*,\1define\2 LOG_locAl1 ,
> bash-2.03$ echo local1 | tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]"
> bash-2.03$

The sed(1) command

    s,^\([   #]*\)[^         ]*\([   ]*LOG_LDM\)[    (].*,\1define\2 LOG_locAl1 

in the file "config.status" is responsible for your problem.  It should,
instead, be

    s,^\([   #]*\)[^         ]*\([   ]*LOG_LDM\)[    (].*,\1define\2 LOG_LOCAL1 

I have no idea why it isn't.

To expedite the process, may I log onto your system as the LDM user?
I would be coming from gilda.unidata.ucar.edu ( and would
need the hostname, username (ldm?) and the password.  Alternatively, if you
allow ssh(1) access, then adding the following line to the file 
~ldm/.ssh/authorized_keys should work:


It's all one line with two spaces: one between "rsa" and "AAAAB..." and
another between "9k=" and "address@hidden".

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: RDQ-217349
Department: Support LDM
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