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[Support #LSJ-519536]: LDM log rotation


> You asked a good question.  Being fairly new to LDM, I had to contact
> the person who was responsible for our LDM configuration.  He said that
> we don't use the syslog functionality, rather we supply the name of the
> log file to the rpc.ldmd program via the -l switch.  He said we were
> striving for a more "out-of-the-box" approach that didn't require root
> intervention.

Non-standard installations make it harder for us to help you.

"Root intervention" is necessary, anyway, in order for the LDM server
to listen on its registered port number (388).

> Should the newlog rotation still work with the way we're
> doing it, or is that something you have to use syslog for?

The "ldmadmin newlog" command won't work correctly.  It will rename the
log files, but logging will continue to go into the currently active
log file, as you've observed.

We *strongly* recommend using a standard installation.  If that isn't
possible, then you'll have to do something like the following:

    mv -f $HOME/logs/ldmd.log.6 $HOME/logs/ldmd.log.7
    mv -f $HOME/logs/ldmd.log.5 $HOME/logs/ldmd.log.6
    cp $HOME/logs/ldmd.log $HOME/logs/ldmd.log.1
    cat /dev/null >$HOME/logs/ldmd.log

Good luck.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: LSJ-519536
Department: Support LDM
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