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[LDM #OIF-246882]: pqact pattern match


> Thanks for the insight.  I interpret this to mean that the metadata
> associated with a just-received data-product is printed to the log (when
> in verbose mode), even if the product is not (in my case) written to a file.

That's correct.  The downstream LDM process receives the data-products
that it requests from the upstream LDM process and writes them into
the product-queue.  It doesn't do any processing of the data-products
itself: the "pqact" processes do that.

> When you say 'just-received' does this mean all the data is actually
> sent to the downstream LDM, even if it is not interested in the data?
> Or are only the metadata always sent and the downstream LDM then says
> (to its upstream LDM) 'based on this metadata, now send me the
> associated data`?  I am just curious.

The upstream LDM process sends all data-products requested by the
downstream LDM process to the downstream LDM.  The data-products
requested by a downstream LDM are set in the associated REQUEST
entry in the LDM configuration-file (etc/ldmd.conf).

> Thanks again for the info and please consider this ticket closed.  Have
> a great weekend.
> --Kirk
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Steve Emmerson

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