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[LDM #QLM-179324]: Bug in LDM (and previous?)


> I think I just found a bug in the LDM.
> Problem: LDM crashes upon startup because it looks for
> /home/ldm/data/pqsurf.pq and isn't there. Even though in ldmadmin-pl.conf,
> it says:
> # file paths - everything here is based on the ldmhome variable by
> default.
> $bin_path = "$ldmhome/bin";
> $etc_path = "$ldmhome/etc";
> $log_path = "$ldmhome/logs";
> $data_path = "/dev/shm";
> $pq_path = "$data_path/ldm.pq";
> $surf_path = "$data_path/pqsurf.pq";
> It finds ldm.pq just fine, but not pqsurf.pq:
> Mar 12 09:59:20 weather2 weather3.admin.niu.edu[30191] NOTE: LDM-6 desired
> product-class: 20080312135920.842 TS_ENDT {{NLDN,  ".*"},{NONE,
> "SIG=8dbe549dd867c3a74cab50896e226c08"}}
> Mar 12 09:59:20 weather2 pqsurf[30175] ERROR: pq_open failed:
> /home/ldm/data/pqsurf.pq: No such file or directory

Thanks for reporting this.

The problem is that the "ldmadmin" script can't tell the
"pqsurf" utility the pathname of the output product-queue
because that utility is invoked by the LDM server and not
by the script (unlike the situation with the LDM product-queue).
So the "pqsurf" product-queue pathname set in the "ldmadmin-pl.conf"
file only affects the "ldmadmin mksurfqueue" and "ldmadmin
delsurfqueue" commands.

The solution is to add "-q /dev/shm/pqsurf.pq" to the
invocation of the "pqsurf" utility in its EXEC entry in the
LDM configuration-file.

I'll add some verbage about this to the "ldmadmin-pl.conf" file.

> Note: pqsurf.pq actually does get created in /dev/shm, but the LDM
> can't seem to find it once it is created.
> Now, putting in a soft link in /home/data/ldm/pqsurf.pq to point it to
> /dev/shm/pqsurf.pq fixes the problem. So somewhere in the LDM, the
> $surf_path isn't apparently being called.
> Nothing major here, just thought you'd want to know.
> Gilbert
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Steve Emmerson

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