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[Support #TXN-293177]: LDM 6.6.5: make failure on Intel Mac (OS X 10.5)


There's definitely a problem on your system that doesn't occur on
any other platform and that shouldn't occur at all.  In order to
diagnose the problem, I modified the code slightly.  Would you
please do the following:

    1.  As the LDM user, go to "/Users/ldm/ldm-6.6.5/src".

    2.  Execute the command "ldmadmin stop".

    3.  Execute the command "make install".

    4.  As root, execute the command "make install_setuids".

    5.  As the LDM user, execute the command "ldmadmin start".

Let me know when you've done this.

Incidentally, the LDM appears to be logging OK.


> As a reminder, I'm running a version of the LDM tailored by you to run on
> a Mac Pro Quad-core running Mac OS X 10.5.2 (upgraded last night from
> 10.5.1).
> In your last response to my support request on this ticket (where I'd
> reported problems getting the LDM to log to the ldmd.log file), you
> pointed out the absence of tabs in the line I added to syslog.conf. That
> must be the analog to the question that National Park rangers get most
> frequently: "Where's the bathroom?". Sorry about that!
> However, I added the tab(s) to syslog.conf and not only do I seem to
> continue to have significant problems getting the LDM to log messages the
> way I have come to expect it to, but I'm seeing other, much more worrisome
> problems:
> (1) When I start the LDM, I expect to see six rpc processes running.
> Sometimes, however, I only see two, including often when I reboot. (I have
> a script that starts the LDM upon reboot, and it worked fine on a PowerMac
> G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.11 last week. Having seen some of the same
> behavior when I start the LDM manually, however, I no longer think this
> has anything to do with the startup script or the execution of it.)
> (2) My feeds of surface and upper air data (DDPLUS and IDD feeds,
> presumably) seem to work fine for a while, then the flow of data slows to
> a trickle or stops altogether until I restart the LDM. My UNIWISC feed
> seems to work only intermittently as well. The same might be true for my
> HDS feed. (For the UNIWISC and HDS feeds it's sometimes a little hard to
> tell because I've got scripts that run as cron jobs that go out and ftp
> data files from SSEC or NCEP if the files needed to generate products for
> our Web server haven't arrived locally as they're supposed to. It's
> unambiguous for the surface and upper air data in the DDPLUS|IDD feeds,
> though.)
> (3) I wish I could report whether or not the number of rpc processes
> running when I discover that some of our data have stopped arriving is
> what it's supposed to be, but I suddenly can't remember, and it'll take
> another half a day or more to replicate the problem.
> (4) What logs I do have contain various error messages that I don't
> know how to interpret but that don't look familiar to me and also don't
> look particulary reassuring.
> Unfortunately, because the LDM's logging hasn't been behaving as I expect
> it to, I don't feel as if I'm getting the diagnostic information that
> might help me, at least, try some things to get at the heart of the
> problem. Bottom line: I guess I need some help with this!
> I've attached my config.log, configure.log, and make.log files (which
> differ somewhat from the last set I sent you because I ran "configure
> --enable-logging=local2" this time rather than using the default logging
> utility. I've also attached my syslog.conf file and my ldmd.conf file.
> Finally, I've attached the portion of my current system.log file that
> contains all lines with "LDM" in them. (The LDM is continuing to send some
> messages to the system.log file, even though I thought that the
> syslog.conf file tells it not to.)
> You can access all of our recent ldmd.log files and netcheck.log files at:
> http://virga.sfsu.edu/admin/IDD.html
> Our ldmd.log file does seem to record messages issued when the LDM starts
> up (they also go to system.log), but that's about it.
> Finally, you can log on at:
> Machine: virga.sfsu.edu
> Account: ldm
> Pwd:     address@hidden
> Thanks for any help you can provide--I'd really hate to have to give this
> up and resuscitate our PowerMac G5, which wasn't cutting it any more!
> -- Dave
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Steve Emmerson

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