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[LDM #TEB-861564]: LDM - pqact.conf EXEC Statement Issue


I'll need to see the "pqact" configuration-file that's causing
the problem.  Would you please send it to me as an attachment.

> We have an entry in our pqact.conf file which brings in satellite data
> and stores it in the directory /realtime4/sat/satraw (ex:
> 20080124KNES2100.TIGE01 is an example of the name formatting)
> WMO     ^(TI[GC]...) (KNES) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-5][0-9])
> FILE    -close
> /realtime4/sat/satraw/(\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)(\3:dd)\2\4\5.\1
> We want to add the following EXEC command to the statement above.  This
> script will take the satellite filename as an input and format it to be
> readable to our satellite decoder.
> EXEC    -wait /home/ldm/etc/sat-none.sh
> (\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)(\3:dd)\2\4\5.\1
> But when we add this statement below the 2nd line, we just get a bunch
> of binary trash added directly to our sat-none.sh script file.  No new
> files are placed in the /realtime4/sat/satraw directory either...
> The contents of our sat-none.sh script file are seen below.  It runs a
> process called ucsat for each newly created file in the
> /realtime4/sat/satraw directory, copies the file to
> /realtime4/sat/SBN/Raw where our satellite decoder will see it, and
> opens up permissions.  $1 would be replaced with whatever filename is
> being processed at the time through (\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)(\3:dd)\2\4\5.\1.
> All permissions are open on these files.
> #!/bin/csh -f
> /home/ldm/dev/ucsat /realtime4/sat/satraw/$1 /realtime4/sat/SBN/Raw/$1
> chmod 777 /realtime4/sat/SBN/Raw/$1
> mv /realtime4/sat/satraw/$1 /realtime4/sat/sat-tmp
> We've tried all different sorts of scripts after the EXEC statement,
> even just a basic statement like "echo "Hello World!" >> output.log" and
> we still get binary information added to that script file.  We have
> added/dropped the "-wait" argument from the EXEC command as well as the
> "-close" argument from the FILE command and have achieved the same
> result.  When we comment out the EXEC line, files are stored in the
> /realtime4/sat/satraw directory as usual.
> Can we not use the EXEC statement in this manner?  Is there something
> missing here?
> Feel free to contact me for any additional information.
> Thanks,
> Darrel
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Steve Emmerson

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