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[IDD #FBU-715927]: ldm connection problem


> I've been having trouble feeding data from rossby.met.sjsu.edu to
> chinook.metoc.nrlmry.navy.mil. I was able to feed data to this
> machine awhile back, but then the navy did some firewall changes. So,
> I don't think this is my problem, but I'm not sure.
> Chinook does NOT show up at all in ldmd.log, but there is traffic
> from and to chinook  based on tcpdump.
> I am attaching a file which shows a tcpdump of port 388 traffic
> between rossby and chinook. Our campus network guy says this shows
> that rossby is not responding to the requests from chinook by how
> long it's taking to respond. This makes no sense to me. Could you
> perhaps confirm or deny if this theory if possible. And, if chinook
> is requesting, wouldn't that request at least be showing up in ldmd.log?

Put Rossby's top-level LDM server in verbose logging mode by
sending the process a USR2 signal (e.g., "kill -USR2 <<pid>>").
It will then log all connection attempts in the log file.

To disable this logging, send the process *two* more USR2

> Here are the entries in my ldmd.conf, which should allow chinook:
> ----------------
> allow   ANY     \.mil$
> allow   ANY ^199\.9\.0\.106$

Assuming the IP address and hostname are correct, the above
should work.

> ----------------
> I'm not having trouble feeding anyone else.
> thanks,
> -Mike
> --------------------------
> Mike Voss
> Department of Meteorology
> San Jose State University
> One Washington Square
> San Jose, CA 95192-0104
> 408.924.5204 voice
> 408.924.5191 fax

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FBU-715927
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