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[LDM #TLG-752147]: LDM error message: Too many open files


> I scanned the email archives and couldn't find anything that I recognized
> as directly relevant to a problem I've been seeing with our LDM (v.
> 6.6.5j, running on a PowerMac G5).
> We've been getting a lot of messages of the following sort in recent days
> (weeks?):
> Aug  6 16:00:23 virga pqact[484] ERRO]: Couldn't create pipe: Too many
> open files\n
> and
> Aug  6 16:00:36 virga pqact[484] ERRO]: unio_open:
> data/nexrad/15/VBX/0708061556.N1R_VBX: Too many open files\n
> and
> Aug  6 07:37:56 virga pqact[484] ERRO]: mkdirs_open: data/surface/070806
> 08_boy.wmo: Too many open files\n
> I'm not sure where else to look for a solution to this apparent problem.
> Any suggestions (or any more info needed)?

This shouldn't happen and indicates that the O/S is lying about the number
of files that can be open simultaneously.  I'lll have a look at this when
I return from Scotland.

In the meantime, try one of the following:

    1.  Running multiple "pqact" processes, each with its own configuration-
        file that processes a subset of the data.

    2.  Adding the "close" option to some of the entries in the "pqact"

Steve Emmerson

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