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[LDM #XOT-276240]: About LDM local!

Tien Vu Duy,

> I had installed LDM6.4.6 and stable running  on computer with name 
> met-research3.nchmf.gov.vn direct connecting to internet. The data receiving 
> from IDD over LDM is located in directory /home/nadata. I installed 
> GEMPAK5.10.2 on this computer and loading data are OK.
> That directory is exported NFS, and some others computer mounted it.
> I had installed NAWIPS 5.10.2, too, on some others computer not direct 
> connecting to internet, but can be connect to met-research3.nchmf.gov.vn, 
> using  data from directory /home/nadata on computer 
> met-research3.nchmf.gov.vn.
> When I use NAWIPS loading data from met-reseach3.nchmf.gov.vn are slowly. 
> It's not convenience for me.
> The LDM system may install and configure to receive data on LAN.
> May I install LDM on these computers and configure them receiving data from 
> computer met-research3.nchmf.gov.vn?
> How does configure LDM to receive that data?
> Thank in advance!
> I'm looking forward your reply.

Yes, you can install an LDM system on the other computers and have
them receive data from the LDM on met-research3.nchmf.gov.vn.

To configure the LDM configuration-file on the other computers,
add REQUEST entries for the data that you want.  Look at the
REQUEST entries in the LDM configuration-file on met-research3.

Then add the local processing entries that are in the "pqact"
configuration-file on met-research3 for the data that you want
to process.  Be sure to save the data on a local disk on the
other computers and not on the NFS-mounted disk.
> Vu Duy Tien
> R&D division
> National center Hydormeteological for forecasting of Viet Nam (NCHMF)
> No 4 Dang Thai Than, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
> TEL: 08449333130

Steve Emmerson

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