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[LDM #KAK-226817]: pqact wierdness

Hi Mark,

> Okay, riddle me this. I'm /still/ trying to help NCDC figure out why one
> of my ldm servers is not getting files to them (we're getting them, they
> just aren't).

I might have missed an exchange, please bear with me:

How _exactly_ has your downstream site determined that they are not _receiving_
data from your LDM server?  The most common situation we see is a site is
actually receiving all of the data that they have requested, but are simply
not processing it/processing it correctly.

> So, I'm setting up our backup ldm server to pull from the
> problem box to make sure (it's a pristine box) that we're not having
> trouble that my other servers are covering up.


> But, here's a problem I've stumbled across.  I've used these lines in
> pqact.conf to log all files coming in to disk:
> ^L2-BZIP2/((K...)/(........)(......)/(.|..|...)/([0-9]|[0-9][0-9]|[0-9][0-9][0-9]))
> FILE    /home2/ldm/nexradII/tmp/\2/\3/\2\3_\4_\5_\6.bz2
> (line limits might break this, but the lines are accurate)
> on my ldm servers. However, when I copy and paste these lines into my
> backup server (ldm-6.6.3 like the others) I get this error:
> Jul 24 13:29:10 pqact[16087] NOTE: Starting Up
> Jul 24 13:29:10 pqact[16087] ERROR: feedtype error at line 118: unknown
> feed name in feedtype expression: "NEXRD2
> ^L2-BZIP2/((K...)/(........)(......)/(.|..|...)/([0-9]|[0-9][0-9]|[0-9][0-9][0-9]))"
> Jul 24 13:29:10 pqact[16087] ERROR: Error in configuration-file
> "/home2/ldm/etc/pqact.conf"
> Jul 24 13:29:10 pqact[16087] NOTE: Exiting
> Or, I'll get this one:
> Jul 24 13:15:13 pqact[15925] NOTE: Starting Up
> Jul 24 13:15:13 pqact[15925] ERROR: Syntax error at line 118, not enough
> fields
> Jul 24 13:15:13 pqact[15925] ERROR: Error in configuration-file
> "/home2/ldm/etc/pqact.conf"
> Jul 24 13:15:13 pqact[15925] NOTE: Exiting
> Yet the exact same line on my ldm server checks out clean.

I am betting that the lines may look the same, but they are not _exactly_
the same.  Please remember that pqact.conf actions must use tabs in
strategic locations AND have no lines that begin with spaces.  Your
pqact.conf entry must read as:


Also, if there are any entries in your pqact.conf file before this that have an 
this action will not be processed.

Whenever you add/delete/modify any pqact.conf actions, you should run:

ldmadmin pqactcheck

to check to make sure that you have not made an inadvertant typo.  Only after
'ldadmin pqactcheck' indicates that there are no errors should you either
restart your LDM or send a HUP signal to 'pqact' ('ldmadmin pqactHUP')
telling it to reread your pqact.conf file actions.

> What I need is a good generic line that logs all my files to disk (in
> this case /home2/ldm/nexradII/tmp/) so that I can verify things are
> playing nice.  Why is it that identical LDM version choke on this line
> on different boxes?

My guess is that you have one or more spaces where there should be tabs (or
nothing, like at the beginning of a line). This can easily happen if you
add pqact.conf actions by cutting and pasting from listings of other files
(tabs are not always maintained in cut and pastes).

By the way, can you get your downstream site to send an inquiry to us
so we can help them get to the bottom of the problem?  Thanks in advance!


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