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[LDM #XGK-778495]: Pull LDM data from specific sites


> Hi Steve, I'm not sure this is really what I need.  But I could be
> wrong.  What I'm looking for is a way to setup a customer's LDM install
> to pull just ONE radar site (KABX for example).  I was thinking that I
> could use pqact for this and craft a regex line to store just that one
> site out of the region.
> Is that more complicated than it needs to be?  I mean for us, it's just
> a matter of setting up an allow for one region on our end, and setting
> up pqact on the other side.  Am I looking at this all cock-eyed?

There is more than one way to do what you want.

One way is to allow the downstream LDM to receive all
NEXRAD2 data-products:

ALLOW NEXRAD2 ^downstream\.site$

but have the downstream LDM request only the data from the one
radar site:


Another way is to allow the downstream site to receive only the
data from the one radar site:

ALLOW NEXRAD2 ^downstream.site$ ^L2-BZIP2/KABX

and have the downstream site request all data:


This latter method has the advantage of placing enforcement at
the upstream LDM.

In either case, the downstream LDM's "pqact" configuration-file
can process the data-products using a generic entry.

Does this help?

Steve Emmerson

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