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[LDM #FQM-459080]: LDM spawning processes


> I'm still trying to figure out why one of our LDM servers seems to be
> dropping radials between receiving it and sending it to one of our
> customers.  I think the problem is network related, but I am seeing
> something odd on the problem server and wanted to see if you could shed
> some light on it.
> When I did a ps aux | grep ldm I'm seeing several new ldm processes
> spawned today at various times this morning, however, my other server
> has no ldm processes spawned since the previous reboot I did on July 16th.
> Why would this occur, SHOULD it occur, and how I can determine what's
> causing it?

If the processes are upstream LDM-s sending data to downstream LDM-s
that are switching between PRIMARY and ALTERNATE transfer modes, then
that is what I would expect to happen.  You can determine what kind
of processes they are by matching the PID from the "ps" output to
the same PID in the log file entries.  If the entries contain the
string "(feed)" or "(noti)", then the process is an upstream LDM.

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