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[LDM #RKK-379892]: LDM logging and operation issues


> I had to stop the LDM on because it stopped receiving
> upstream NEXRAD2 data.�  I checked the log and see several hours worth
> of this message:<br>
> <br>
> Jul 05 18:57:31 c109-10 ldm.atmos.colostate.edu[5473]&#65533;  ERROR:
> Disconnecting due to LDM failure; Upstream LDM didn't reply to FEEDME
> request; RPC: Authentication error; why= (authentication error 5)<br>
> <br>
> But I'm requesting an EXP stream and it comes in fine.&#65533;  Can you give 
> me
> the email address again for my upstream LDM administrator?&#65533;  Is that 
> the
> problem?&#65533;  Did they pull my privileges or something?!?!?!?! <br>

I would need to see more of the LDM log file in order to diagnose the

I don't know who the LDM administrator is on host ldm.atmos.colostate.edu.
I've asked Jeff Weber (who's in charge of the IDD topology).  Perhaps he'll

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: RKK-379892
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